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The financial restructuring of companies aims to reverse critical liquidity situations in the short term, adjusting the flow of payment to the cash flow generation capacity of the operations. Our founding partners participated in important liabilities restructuring operations, both for the financial viability of the clients’ cash flow and for the feasibility of mergers and acquisitions operations.

  • Understand and evaluate the liquidity position of the company and its detailed debt profile (bank debt, past due suppliers, tax, labor, etc.)
  • Deepen our understanding of the company and how its illiquidity situation affects its operations and business plan
  • Discuss alternatives for a transaction
  • Modeling and/or revision of a long-term business plan containing the current cash flow of the company as well as a detailed projection of all its financial liabilities with its creditors
  • Confirmation of the real ability to pay down debts and potential adjustments in the short term that can be implemented at the company to improve its liquidity situation
  • Modeling of an optimized projected cash flow to support the company’s operations which will serve as a basis to construct the restructuring plan to be presented and negotiated with creditors
  • Definition with the company of the form and order in which creditors will be approached
  • Contacts and interactions with creditors to present and discuss the restructuring plan
  • Negotiation of the best terms and conditions with each group of creditors, favoring the economic and financial situation of the company and its shareholders
  • Closing and signing of the definitive agreements of the debt restructuring

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