MBA Class of 1997 Wharton’s Alumni Network. 1995

Director of Retail Products in the Treasury Department at Citibank 2006

Key Client Sales Director in the wealth management division at UBS 2007

Loyall Wealth Advisory foundation 2009

Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Finance Committee in the process of merging with Kroton 2013

Transformation into an Asset and Wealth Management company 2015

M&A boutique foundation with two Singular's former partners 2017

Criação do Conselho Consultivo de Administração – Governança Corporativa




Founded in April 2009, Loyall Capital Partners is committed to assisting individuals, families and institutions in managing their asset and wealth globally. Over more than ten years we have built a business process based on independence, customization of investment according to the long term needs of our clients.
We have a high capacity for execution and monitoring of efficient wealth management structures.

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